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3/4" Y Disc Filter Plastic


  • Compact structure to assemble in narrow space
  • Micron-precise filtration
  • Resistant to chemical products
  • Innovative depth filter trapes design retains large amounts of solids
  • Easy installation, easy maintenance
  • Preset 2 holes for connecting pressure gauge
  • The discs are slotted diagonally on both sides in opposite directions to create a series of crossover points that form multiple traps for the particles.
  • Due to the fact that the discs and their vortex-generating structure, it makes the fluid centrifuge, separating the solid particles, distributing them evenly, thus requiring less maintenance.


  • Body: Polypropylene


3/4" Y Disc Filter Plastic

Maximum Flow:
5 m3/h
Filtration area:
180 cm2
Filtration Grade:
120 Mesh
0.39 kg

Performance Data: