Wade Rain Irrigation Systems
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Drip & Micro

Low volume irrigation with high dristribution uniformity. Drip and micro offers high irrigation efficiency.

Drip Emitters

For permanent crops such as orchards and vineyards or certain nursery applications. The principal advantage of the drip system is that it places water at the design point with minimal losses.


Drip Tape

For use in higher value row crops or row crops where access is difficult and hand labor is expensive. Typical crops include all vegetables and cane sugar.


Micro Irrigation

For permanent crops such as orchards and vineyards, with particular benefit on crops with larger rooting zones or on lighter soils.



    Permanent Crops
    High-value Row Crops
    Field Crops
    Not Recommended


  • High irrigation uniformity
  • Conserves water
  • Low pressure operation
  • Can be used on any size or shape field
  • Can be used on any terrain
  • Low labor requirement


  • High initial investment
  • Good filtration system mandatory

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