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Big Gun Irrigation

Portable Big Gun System

Portable big gun systems are used on field crops, particularly taller crops where movement in the maturing crops is difficult. Typical crops include cane sugar, corn and pasture. Also used for some overtree irrigation. To achieve reasonable irrigation patterns, larger water capacities and higher operating pressures are required.



    Cereal Grains
    Sugar Beets
    Soy Beans
    Row Crops


  • A single setting can cover a relatively large area
  • Can throw over the top of crops to reach areas that would otherwise be hard to cover
  • Can be used on almost any shape field


  • Requires high pressure to operate
  • Must be moved frequently
  • Must be used on flat ground
  • Wind seriously distorts water pattern
  • On tighter soils, can cause compaction and sealing

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Benefits of the Wade Rain Big Gun Stand

Easy Portability

Depending upon the model, one or two men can easily carry each big gun sprinkler stand to a new location in minutes.

Strong Lightweight Aluminum

In addition to its lightweight design, Wade Rain all aluminum stands and fittings provide strength and stability needed when irrigating with big gun sprinklers. And they are corrosion and rust resistant for long, trouble-free service.

Saves Time & Labor

Unique engineering features and quick-coupling design minimizes set-up and take-down time and effort.

Economical & Reliable

Over 75 years' experience in producing quality irrigation systems provides low-cost, long-lasting reliability the world has come to expect from Wade Rain.

Crop & Field Versatility

Wade Rain big gun systems are adaptable to irregular fields and ideal for sugar cane, corn, tobacco, and other difficult-to-irrigate crops. They also may be used with Wade Rain or other manufacturers mainline systems as a portable or permanent (solid-set) system.


87" (2.2 m)

Model 20

39" (1 m)

Model 16

50", 77" (1.3 m, 2 m)

Model 17, 17-60