Wade Rain Irrigation Systems
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Wade Rain only sells to irrigation dealers and does not sell direct to end users.


1/2" Wade Rain Low Angle Plastic Sprinkler w/o nozzle 12¡


  • Low angle with multi trajectory nozzles plastic sprinkler for irrigation of undertree, bananas, vineyards, orchards and plantation.
  • Color coded nozzles for easy size identification.
  • Nozzle Bayonet connection for easy service in field condtions.
  • Nozzles with integrated stream straightening vane for long range.
  • Engineering Plastic material for durability and corrosion resistant.
  • Pivot pin and Springs made of Stainless steel.
  • Recommended spacing up to 10m for higher distribution uniformity.
  • Three trajectories 9° , 12° , 14° can change just by replacing the nozzle.


1/2" Low Ang Plastic Sprinkler w/o noz

Inlet Connection:
1/2" NPT
Operating Pressure:
2.0-4.0 kg/cm2
9°, 12° y 14°
Spring arm impact
Radius Range:
7.5-11.0 M
Flow Range:
0.10-0.27 LPS
0.048 kg

Performance Data: